Accessibility Arrangements in the Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine cares deeply about the subject of accessibility as presented by the 1998 Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities legislation and Accessibility Regulations, and has adhered to them strictly since 2004. The Submarine is also constantly engaged in ongoing accessibility modification. The onsite accessibility arrangements are as follows:

Structural Arrangements:

Disabled Parking Spots – free handicapped parking is available across the Submarine’s entrance in the “Osher Ad” supermarket parking lot (in the back of the “Beit Hadar” shopping mall).
Accessible Pathways – the Submarine is wheelchair-friendly and free of stairs and elevators.
Wide passages throughout the building.
All doors and ramps are wheelchair accessible.
Visible advisory access signs are prevalent throughout the building.

Site Map and Accessibility Features

A toolbar marked by a floating logo can be found on the right of your screen

Contact Info:

Phone: +972-2-6794040

Fax: +972-2-6790867

Email: [email protected]

Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing are welcome to contact us by text message (via WhatsApp) at +972-54-3530930

Please mention “yellow submarine contact” at the top of the message.

Accessibility Agent Info:

Shir Goldenberg

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 02-6794040

Direct Line: 054-3530930

We are happy to receive any suggestions and/or requests in regards to improving our accessibility services. This can be done through our accessibility agent via Email, phone, or WhatsApp messaging.

Arrangements Within the Establishment:
Wide front door, open during all active hours.
Passages and Access – the majority of the building has no obstructions, ramps are installed where needed.
Fully functional accessible WC
Accessible office and secretary desk, with induction neck loops available upon request.
Automatic phone answering system, with no background music.
Service representatives are fully trained and briefed in phone call accessibility regulations.
Service animals are permitted on site.
For info in accessible formats – please contact our accessibility agent.
The entire staff undergoes basic accessible service training
All procedures have been modified to include and preserve accessibility arrangements and regulations.

Additional Accessibility Arrangements During Events at the Yellow Submarine:
An accessible assistance desk is located at the bar, and help is available from our trained staff.
Induction neck loops are available at request.
An accessible menu is available at the bar.
Handicapped stage elevator installed.
Accessible furniture is located throughout the venue.
Accessible reserved seating is available for seated events and is currently being made available for standing events.

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